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The Raffles Space Crystal Corridor Lighting the night of Chongqing

Oct 25,2019

      Recently, the Chongqing Raffles Sky Crystal Corridor,decorated by CCSZD has been lighting up the light. It has become a popular Internet place which attracted many people to visit. When the night fall,the Raffles buildings looks like a dynamic sailboat floating on the ocean.

  Visitors walk through the bustling Chaotianmen street and look up at the aerial crystal corridor known as the “horizontal skyscraper‘’. The stars flickered like the galaxy floating in the night sky of the mountain city of Chongqing. The lights slowly sink on the the arched corridor, looks like dazzling "meteor shower". At the same time, the corridor lighting also keeps with the rhythm of the building “sail” to simulate the tide of the river surface, forming a continuous wave effect. 
  It is reported that the Chongqing Raffles Sky Crystal Corridor has a total length of 300 meters and the entire corridor is made up of a curtain wall area of 35,000 square meters。 Though difficulties and high technical requirements,the CCSZD has successfully pioneering  the giant curtain wall。The Crystal Corridor is expected to be officially opened in the coming year。

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