We have nearly 1400 professionals and technical personnel,the intermediate above title are over 500 among them and there are more than 200 national registered first-class architects, first-class construction engineers, safety engineers, cost engineers, structural engineers and electrical engineers in our company.

Our company adheres to the path of professional team and construction, and we have nearly 100 relatively fixed professional construction team of star-rated hotel, hospital, office building, venues, curtain wall and lightening.

We have a great design team, whose scope of business include all interior decoration and curtain wall design. There are more than 400 professionals and technical personnel in our design and research institute, which have a design team of more than 200 senior interior architects, senior curtain wall designers and soft-decoration designers that provides strong technical support to our engineering construction.

Our company attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents and we have formed a set of mode of personnel training through years of practice and innovation, through which we have reached the goal of covering employees’ occupation career, training and assessment. We follow the principle of 70%-to-30% in the use of talents, which means 70%  of consideration of advantage, reaching the goal, self-reflection and 30% of consideration of disadvantage, rationality of others’ opinions. We boldly enable the young who have good virtue, performance, public comments and attitude. In recent years, we have selected and trained a lot of excellent reserve talents of the key positions, to provide strong support to the goal of being the most international competitive hundreds-years-old company in decoration industry. 

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